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    Remnants of the West: The Timeless Photographs of Mark James is a comprehensive exhibit of black and white photographs of the American Western landscape created with a pinhole camera and blue sensitive film.  The choice of camera and film evokes an ethereal and timeless sense of the wilderness. Initiated in 1995 with support from an Artist-in-Residence grant at Rocky Mountain National Park, this project has spanned over twenty years in several states.  Over 300 photographs define the body of work from which the exhibit has been assembled.  This collection of photographs stands as perhaps the most extensive study of a landscape using a pinhole camera.  By blending nineteenth century Pictorialism, Hudson River School aesthetics, the pinhole camera, and blue sensitive film, Remnants of the West is a beautiful exhibit of a contemporary, timeless landscape.

   For more information about the exhibit or to request an Exhibit Prospectus, visit the Traveling Exhibit section.  You can also call or email Mark James directly.