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The Journal of Julius Rodman – Edgar Allan Poe


We know of Poe from his popular works of horror and the macabre like The Pit and the Pendulum, Fall of the House of Usher, and The Tell-Tale Heart.  Many are also familiar with his prose, like the famous poem, The Raven.  However, most people are not aware that Poe was very good at perpetrating a hoax.

 From the start, in 1839, Poe wanted to convince the readers of Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine that a man named Julius Rodman had crossed View full post »

It’s Not Real Until I Photograph It

MarkJames_rmnp_DreamLake_Fog    I was having a conversation a few weeks ago with a very good friend and photographer of mine, Ronda Stone.  We were talking about the vast river of photographs flowing through society and the coarsening effect of so many photographs upon our collective psyche.  This is a subject of profound interest to me and forms the foundation of my ‘mission’ to produce photographs that will “apprehend the gaze” of the viewer.  Not just apprehend the gaze but ‘hold’ it.

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Incident at Nokhu Crags

Nokhu Crags Winter_Never Summer_Colorado

Notice:  Free Bogen tripod.  Excellent condition, some scrapes.  Located on west side of Nokhu Crags.

Yours for the taking if you can find it.

    Sometimes, in quiet moments, I imagine that there is a spiritual contest going on between life and death where certain events are decided by rolls of the dice like the scene from Samuel Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.  A ghost ship appears on the glassy sea of the Doldrums.  On the ship, Death and his adversary, Life-in-Death, are rolling dice upon the deck to decide the fate of the Mariner, who foolishly shot the albatross that was guiding his ship to safety.  Coleridge describes the scene as follows:

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The Pinhole Difference

Dream Lake_RMNP_Colorado    If you are reading this post on this site, then you are already aware that the pinhole photograph is central to my vision of the wilderness.  You may have read some of the philosophical and artistic considerations that I have written concerning pinhole images.  As I travel around, people often ask me what the difference is between a pinhole image and what I call a ‘lensed’ image.  I’ll use this post to do a few side by side comparisons. View full post »

Why the American West? A Personal Perspective

Lake Verna Illustration    It has often been said that writers will usually write about things that they know. The same is true of photographers and I am no exception. The very least that one needs to know about me is that I am a product of the American West, raised on the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, filled with wanderlust, and descended from self-reliant individualists like my distant great uncle, Edwin James, who was the first to summit Pike’s Peak in 1820 while on the Major Long Expedition. And I have never lived anywhere that didn’t have a big sky overhead and the mountains at my back.

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