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How to Help Fund the Edwin James Project

When we talk about funding, it is important to understand that this isn’t about Mark James, the photographer. It is about American Western history, culture, settlement, and Edwin James’ contribution to that history.  This project is necessary, and once completed, should be distributed to schools, museums, and institutions of history.  The project has a completion date of July 2020, the bicentennial of Edwin’s climb to the summit of Pikes Peak.

A photographic project on this scale (think Ken Burns), spanning over three years, requiring research, and involving many professionals from diverse disciplines requires substantial funding.  There is a broader scope to this story in the context of settlement of the American West that goes well beyond Colorado.  Such a documentary requires full access to monetary support from patrons, financial and business institutions, as well as grants and fellowships.

Some of the items that need to be funded are:

Tools and equipment

Material Costs, like chemistry, paper, ink, etc.

Specialized Training

Research Expenses

Extensive Travel Expenses

Cost-of-living Stipend

Production Costs (Exhibit, book, illustrations, etc)

The estimated funding for this project, covering three years is $350,000.

How can patrons, individuals, and businesses help?

—  An outright monetary donation

—  Purchase of prints or portfolios

—  Donated items from specific businesses related to photography, outdoor, equipment, etc.

—  Referral to any interested prospect or individual.

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