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About the Prints


All prints offered at this time are archival, pigmented ink (giclée) on Ultra Smooth Fine Art paper.  The image tone is a dark ‘chocolate’ brown with a 1/2 inch white border for ease of handling and mounting.  All prints are ‘print only’ with no matte.


All prints offered at this time are Open Editions.  On occasion, I produce very limited edition prints and folios, signed and numbered, based on traditional and vintage darkroom processes such as platinum or gold-toned prints.  Traditional prints are considerably more expensive due to the time and materials used.  There are no limited editions available at this time.

Size and Pricing:

Given the myriad variations in print sizes and formats, I have greatly simplified the price structure.  Instead of determining a price for every size of print, I have created three categories:  small, medium, and large.  All prints are unmatted, have 1/2 inch white borders, and are signed.  The sizes below refer to the image size which will vary depending on the crop and format.

Small Prints:          8×10 up to 8×13:    $150

Medium Prints:  11×15 up to 11×18:     $325

Large Prints:      16×26 up to 18×24:     $580

Yes, you can order Very Large prints on a special order basis!  Please call for size and pricing.


Prices include shipping within the United States!  For international orders, please call 970-391-1086 or email to make arrangements.

The Remnants of the West series is a very large body of work  with many photographs to choose from.  For that reason, as well as specific sizes and individual preferences, you can call, write, or e-mail me to discuss the prints you wish to purchase.